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How to repair and recycle a sneaker

Through a new concept of sole it is possible to recycle giving new life to a shoe used, also a sneaker? Marc Van Tichelen – French, industrial designer who has worked as a designer for different footwear companies including Salomon and Kalenji – he thought and imagined an interesting way to breathe new life to a pair of shoes used, crossing the many opportunities that technologies today offer. (more…)


The birthday of Giancarlo Malaspina, a special gift for his 70 candle. Difficult to find something for the celebrations of the known entrepreneur but his company surprised him by organizing, saturday, December 5, 2015, a spectacular surprise party at the Restaurant Fantasy of Monte Urano. The staff of the Malaspina together to contractors, suppliers, and to his family to complete large have come together to celebrate his birthday, a party sober with such vitality and many smiles that reflect the style of a lowly Giancarlo.  (more…)

The new course of the technician of the shoe host by Malaspina

On the afternoon of monday, November 30, 2015, the guys in the second and last year of the course of the ITS the course of study in technical production led by Prof. Stefano Berdini, have visited the business reality of suolificio, many topics were covered, from the production of the soles to the activities of promotion/communication up to business.  (more…)

The bad habits that damage the health depart from the sole

Observing the points at which they consume the shoes you can reveal bad habits that can eventually be detect harmful. When you walk and fundamental that the weight of the body to be equally distributed, avoid subjecting the bead to incorrect positions and excessive loads. If you look at the soles of their shoes as they are consumed, you can find some bad habits which, in the long run, can cause pain and other diseases. The consumption of the soles may also be different between right and left foot, as happens very frequently in those who are veterans from accidents. (more…)


Approach the world of work can know closely, as does a production and marketing, this was the opportunity that Malaspina, Friday, November 13, for the second consecutive year by joining the PMI Day (for the sixth national day of small and medium-sized enterprises) promoted by Confindustria, has done live from the two classes third medium of the Istituto Comprensivo “Da Vinci-Ungaretti ” of Fermo accompanied by teachers and by the brilliant city councillor, Morelli Loretta with delegation to the culture of the town of Monte Urano. (more…)


It ended with success the Leather, Footwear Components and Technology, held at Fair Meet in Agra in India from 30 October to November 1, 2015 that saw our suolificio in India, Abraaz Malaspina. The participation in the course of years it is qualified by abutting the favorable opinions of visitors and customers that each day have crowded our stands. (more…)

Thank you for visiting our stand at Lineapelle!

Our participation at LINEAPELLE winter 2016/17 at the Fair of Milan was, as in every edition, a welcome opportunity to meet and thank many customers from every part of the world. Great interest was aroused the presentation of the new autumn-winter collection 2016/17 by as part of our customers, modelers and designers, made on a space which has privileged the’ inspiration of brilliant manager Massimiliano Santini which has entered the shoes of the woman in a contour of the pages of Vogue from the 80’s to today and the children’s collection drawn from the theme of the school, having regard to the imminent return on bugs of children. (more…)