With the waste of the apples are born the new Shoes


With the waste of the apples are born the new Shoes

Consumers lately have become ever more attentive to what they buy and wear, it is not easy to take informed decisions but finding information is important and helps us to discover new brands such as the new collection Khrio D+ of Alma, who has invested a lot of resources in the project “Appleskin”. Everything starts with apples.









The Appleskin project 

A biopolymer realized by Frumat with skins, cores and stems of delicious apples of Trentino Alto Adige, which combined with cellulose (about 50%) and then coupled to tissues give rise to a material entirely biodegradable, exploiting that cellulose which derives from waste destined for landfill sites or to incineration. In essence, you get the most out of every single Apple up to create a genuine raw material used as the production process. The result is a biodegradable material perfectly in line with the Circular Economy.

The key words of Alma: sustainability and innovation

Starting from the concept of sustainability in a world that has limited resources and communication campaigns directed to create awareness and to encourage sustainable lifestyles, fits the handicraft experience of Alma di Montecosaro who bet on the “skin-apple” (which is quite similar to leather both as a look that as resistance), for the first collection of shoes for woman environmentally friendly. Interesting are the details that revolve around the design of this collection with painting techniques and dyes for water dates with gestures by creating a collection of high artistic content and manual ability.


From the shoe to the mobile covers with the waste of apples

everything that is possible with the skins of result is achievable with the Appleskin project. From coatings of sofas, passing to the seats for cars up to mobile covers, without excluding bags and shoes. Instead Matea Benedetti, mark of sustainable fashion has made important clothes earning the final of the green carpet in Milan on 24 September.

Bet on sustainable for a quality icon

The experience of collection Khrio D+ is an example of how manufacturing skills, organic materials and creativity can also be used as tools for communicating sustainability to a wider audience, stirring emotions with accessories that become a projection of the personality of those who choose them. In substance the footwear, accessories for everyday use, are reinterpreted and redesigned according to the philosophy of the Circular Economy through studies and industrial processes that are able to convert them into real icons of this future-oriented, dedicated to a public extremely attentive and demanding and that enhances the sustainable economy.

We close, wishing the Alma to win another great challenge, that of being able to extend all the results of this experimentation to future collections and promote the dissemination of the culture of “environmental respect” to the compartment of the shoe. Why not? Even Soles for Shoes!




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